Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Supplies makes using our Holiday Shop a Breeze

Gifts 'N Things offers a one-stop Holiday Shop for your school. The following list of free supplies makes execution a breeze and running the shop a joy.

Colorful Parent Letters                                                                                                                                  You’ll love these multi-colored letters as they’re the perfect way to invite your students’ parents for a fundraiser. We supply a whole range of these colorful English and Spanish parent letters addressed to both parents and in whatever quantity you need.

Budget Envelopes
With a shopping budget, parents can be very clear about how much they want to give towards the fundraiser. This marries convenience with practicality and makes your fundraiser enjoyable.

‘Coming Soon’ Event Posters
You can spread awareness for your Holiday Shop by using our ‘Coming Soon’ posters. These posters are in set templates that allow you to fill in the essential elements like the date and the place. You can place these in popular hangouts and pull a crowd.

Gift Bags
Any Holiday Shop is only complete with gift bags. Shoppers will have varied interests in the products and different budgets too. We supply three different sizes of gift bags so that you’re never falling short of the right kind of gift bags.

Decorative Tablecloths
Most Holiday Shops we help out with use tables as the standard choice for their display medium.
You can use our decorated and multi-colored tablecloths to help cover up your tables and make
them more attractive and standardized.

Tent Cards
This is a great way to exhibit your wares so that someone can find exactly what he or she is looking for. Our tent cards have been updated with photos and descriptions too, so that you’ll get a lot more from them.

Pre-coded Merchandise
 Our merchandise comes pre-coded, free of cost. Each code corresponds to a specific price. This solves the problem of looking through a list of items to find prices. You can just look up the code instead and speed up the checkout process.

Chairperson Planning Guide
The organizer of any Holiday Shop has a lot of planning to do and many important decisions to make. We’ve worked with many chairpersons in the past and we’ve created a planning guide to make things simpler for you.

Gifts ‘N Things is committed to make things simpler for the organizers of any fundraiser. We also
deliver all re-orders on the very next day, and we have a complete chairperson website.

What do you think of our free Holiday Shop supplies? Let us know in the comments below.