Monday, March 19, 2018

5 Grand Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Teachers and Volunteers

Teachers and volunteers work tirelessly for our kids, spending hours putting together everything from quizzes to crafts to spelling lists. Try these creative and heartfelt ideas to show your appreciation.

1. Thank You’s from the Kids

All the work and effort these people give is because of the kids. Package the kids’ cuteness and gratefulness to make a special message that goes straight to the heart. Have the kids create a thank you video, interview them to see what they appreciate about that person, or have them recreate a scene or a skit that illustrates their feelings. Kids can also work together to create a gratitude flower with petals from each child, or a large handprint or fingerprint craft as a handmade gift.

2. Gifts They Can Use in the Classroom or Take Home

We all know that teachers often use their own money to get things for their classroom. Many teachers purchase craft supplies, decorations, or organization items like bins. Ask them to write out a wish list that you can distribute to other parents so their wishes can come true! Or invest in some great fabric or transparent bins that they can use in their room or take home if they wish. Practical, money-saving gifts can really make an impact while improving the classroom.

3. Decorations that Surprise Them

Sneak into their space and decorate like mad! Decorate their classroom door with a theme and their kids’ contributions, or dedicate a hallway to your volunteers or teachers by hanging items from the ceiling and decking out a bulletin board. If you have access to their classroom or the PTO/PTA room, transform it into something surprising and fantastic, like an underwater party, a royal castle, or a magical forest.

4. Options for Choosing Their Own Gift

Instead of another mug or pen, combine efforts with other parents to purchase a gift card so that they can purchase whatever they’d like. Another option is for schools that sell scrip — take donations from families and let teachers or volunteers choose the scrip gift card.

5. The Cute Gifts

Sometimes you have to just let the cuteness flow. Themed snacks, decorated gifts, and puns galore (like “Thanks a latte!” or “You are a tea-rrific teacher!”) will still bring a smile to the teacher or volunteer’s face. Pair your sentiment with a nice gift card, coffee, or flowers, and that person will surely feel your appreciation.

If you’re a school volunteer, a teacher, or a parent who is looking to thank others, please accept our gratitude for all you do for kids in your community. If we could send you all gratitude flowers, we would!