Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Donating: Not Just A Holiday Theme

The importance of donating is a much-needed lesson to teach your children. Many organizations do incredible work for their communities based off the giving of others and take little to no profit for themselves. There are many reasons to teach your children about the importance of giving, especially once the holidays are over. Here are a few to get you started:

Donations Are Always Needed
The holidays are the most popular times for donations, as shoppers see Red Cross volunteers ringing bells and are told that donations are tax deductible for the upcoming tax season. The truth is, after the holidays are over, many organizations are still in need of toys and other donations - perhaps even more so.

Declutter Your Child’s Space
To most children, the glamor of new toys begins to wear off after some time. Have your children think about older toys (perhaps from last year’s holiday gifts) that they no longer play with, gather them together, and have them pick out toys they are willing to donate. This helps declutter your child’s room and gives your family a jump start on spring cleaning

Teach Your Children the Value of Giving
Giving to those less fortunate should be a year-round theme, not just during the holidays. Teach your children about the importance of giving and appreciation of what they have by donating some of their unused toys. This lesson can be taught much easily shortly after they have just been given new toys to play with. Let them know that there are some children that are not so fortunate to receive new toys, clothes, and other things they may take for granted.

Understanding that they are fortunate to have what they have will give your child a greater appreciation for the people and things in their life. Help your kids build character and help their community at the same time by donating some of their toys to worthy causes. Perhaps you have a local favorite organization that is near to your heart - if not, check out some of the top-rated charities in America at