Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Teaching Children The Joy Of Giving

The season of giving is upon us and children everywhere have an opportunity to express their generosity towards others. A great way to do that is with Gifts 'N Things. If your child is lucky, their school will be hosting a Lil Shopper's Shoppe where they can pick out inexpensive gifts to give their loved ones. This is a fundraiser for the school designed to help children discover the joy of giving.

At Lil Shopper's Shoppe, 85% of our gifts are $5.00 and under. Children can afford and understand how to purchase and give a gift even at a young age. This is a great opportunity for kids, beneficial to their understanding of generosity as well as how money works.
If your child's school is not hosting a Lil Shopper's Shoppe this holiday season, you can teach them the joy of giving in other ways, as well. To a kid, receiving presents is a huge focus of Christmas. Teach generosity by suggesting your child volunteer for Toys for Tots. Your child could give a toy in this program or help wrap and send out toys to other local kids.

Another great way to teach children the joy of giving is a giving tree. Many churches and some schools have a giving tree where you choose a family or child in need of toys, clothes, or other items and fulfill that need, placing the purchased item under the tree. This helps your child understand some people do not have the means necessary to celebrate Christmas receiving new toys the way they do.

Other ideas for volunteering and giving back this season include serving at a soup kitchen, donating to a coat drive, and volunteering at a food shelf. The holiday season is the perfect time to teach children the joy of giving. Consider some way you can have that meaningful impact in a child's life today.

On Monday, December 19th, we will hold our annual free holiday shop at New Bethany Church in Allentown, PA. The church's soup kitchen serves the poorest families in Allentown. They will hold a Christmas dinner on Sunday  the 18th, give gifts to the children, then invite them back on Monday for our holiday shop to pick out gifts for their families (and a little something for themselves as well).

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Autumn Activities for the Family

Autumn is the perfect time for making memories with your family. From engaging outdoor adventures to creating beautiful fall crafts, there’s no shortage of fun to be had this season. Take a look at some of our ideas for some fun autumn activities for the whole family:

Get Outside
Now that it’s the peak of autumn, it’s the perfect time to take your family for an outdoor adventure. Go on a nature walk and encourage your kids to take up a curiosity and passion for the outdoors. One great way to do is to bird watch. Encourage your kids to spot and identify as many birds as they can. Continue this curiosity at home by building a birdhouse or bird feeder together.

Collect Leaves
Another great way to encourage their interest in nature can be through leaf collecting. Encourage them to collect leaves throughout the season, identify which trees they come from, and write that information down in a leaf log. Preserve their favorite leaves between contact paper and show them how to make fun leaf rubbings, prints, and stamps.

Go Camping
Fall can be a wonderful time to go camping. Just pack your car with some vital supplies, and find the perfect setting to pitch your tent under some stunning fall foliage. Take this opportunity to make some wonderful memories. Teach them to set up a tent, build a campfire, how to fish and catch dinner, and how to roast the perfect marshmallow. Now that the days are shorter, it’s also the perfect time to stargaze. Grab a stargazing scavenger hunt (like this one) and start planning your trip.

Staple Fall Activities
If you haven’t already, treat your family to a classic fall weekend. Go apple picking and pumpkin carving, and bake delicious treats from your harvest. Explore a corn maze, fall festival, or haunted house for a thrilling weekend adventure.

Fall Crafts
Autumn is also the perfect time for crafting. Just make some hot cocoa or apple cider, light some pumpkin scented candles, and engage in an afternoon of arts and crafts with your family. Knit some new hats and scarves with older kids for when the temperature dips even lower. Have the whole family decorate the house with fun Halloween and Thanksgiving crafts.

Here are some more ideas for fall crafts:
  • Collect some leaves, pinecones, and fabric to make a new front-door wreath
  • Paint pumpkins for the front porch
  • Make homemade Halloween costumes
  • Paint some mugs with your favorite fall themes and colors
  • Explore Pinterest for adorable ideas like Pumpkin Apple Stamps, DIY Twig Candles, or an Autumn Handprint Tree

Bonding with some different autumn activities will help you reconnect as a family from your busy fall schedules, while time spent outdoors hiking, camping, and exploring your community will revitalize you.

With an abundance of fun and adventure left to be had this season, start making wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime today. For more ways to celebrate the season and to start celebrating the holidays early, visit Gifts ‘N Things today.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Asking For Donations Safely and Effectively

With the school session upon us, many parents are reminded that fundraisers are an integral part of the year. Whether your kids need to raise money for new sports equipment, uniforms, transportation costs, or supplies, fundraising is important to many school programs. Parents, however, tend to dread the fundraising season because they fear having to ask friends and family for donations—much less strangers. Here are a few tips to help ease you through your school’s fundraiser and make the fundraising experience more fun for you, your children, and your potential donors:

Do Your Research
When it comes to family and friends, it is rather easy to know what interests them. Focus on items that you know they will be using and will be interested in. If your brother or sister isn’t very adventurous, help your child steer their eye towards something for the home. If your aunt and uncle love cooking and baking, show them the newest kitchen gadgets that will make their time in the kitchen easier and more fun.

Image by arrathoonlaa via Flickr

Practice Makes Perfect
As with any presentation, it is important to know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it–especially if your kids are the ones presenting. Sit down with your children and have them rehearse their presentation while pretending that you are their audience. Fumbling over words and phrases will distract your potential donor, while a well-spoken delivery may just snag an extra donation or two. Let them know that a few mistakes are okay and that confidence will go a long way.

Make It Fun
While your delivery may be well rehearsed, it shouldn’t sound like an automatic proposal. Switch up your delivery method to keep the mood light with smiling, involved parties, or throw in a joke or two to break the ice with more walled off individuals.
Image by Mike G via Flickr
Involve The Donor
If you notice that the donor is eyeing up a particular product, ask them what their opinion is on that item and LISTEN. People often want to have their voices heard and this is especially true when in a sales pitch. Find a common ground on items and ask them to speak their mind. This is an important lesson to teach your child not just to successfully fundraise, but to become better communicators.

Asking for money from friends and family is not often easy. Asking for money from strangers can be downright uncomfortable, but if you and your child follow these steps you might find that some of the stress is lifted and fundraising is more fun. Your child may even come home with a few extra prizes because of their success!

Look to Gifts ‘N Things for your next fundraising program. We have many different programs to choose from, you’re bound to find one that fits your needs.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Gifts to Give Your Child's Teacher for Back to School.

Teachers are some of the most underappreciated people on the planet.

They work hard to make sure our children’s education is always top-notch and push them to become better people day in and day out. Every now and then, teachers deserve some recognition.

It’s always good to start off on the right foot with your child’s new teacher, so getting them a gift is never a bad idea. Some of the gifts could be a simple craft project that you and your child did or other practical options that you can just purchase.

Here are 10 ideas that you can consider:

  1. A gift card. It’s simple and you don’t have to work too hard on this one. Teachers can always use $10 to a coffee shop or a nice $20 gift certificate to one of the nicer restaurants in town.
  2. School supplies. Teachers can always use some extra pens, a stapler here or there or some colorful Post-It notes to help them out during the year. Teachers usually have to buy their own supplies, so getting them this simple gift will help them save money out of their own pocketbook.
  3. Homemade Cookies. If you want to get to a teacher’s heart right off the bat, give them some junk food. What teacher wouldn’t turn down a fresh box of chocolate chip cookies? Besides, teachers never get enough time to eat during the day. They’re lucky if they get 15 minutes for a lunch break. A box of chocolates would also work!
  4. Supply Cup or Jar. Teachers always need places to store pens or other school supplies. If you can get them a crafty cup to hold their pens, they would be very grateful. Your kids can help personalize it by painting or decorating it to add a special touch.
  5. A photo album. This is a little retro, but some people still like to keep their photos in albums. This keepsake will help teachers keep track of photos with each class that they teach. What teacher wouldn’t love that?
  6. A plant. Putting a simple seedling in a cup or pot would be a special gift from your child to their teacher. They can both watch the plant grow over time and help take care of it together.
  7. A bulletin board. Teachers have to fill out endless amounts of paperwork and have to keep track of everything that is going on in their personal lives at the same time. A bulletin board is a simple thing to give them to keep track of everything that is going on at school and at home.
  8. A tote bag. Bringing in loads of items to school every day is the norm for educators. A simple bag or tote bag that will help them carry their supplies would be more than welcomed.
  9. A water bottle. Staying refreshed during the day is something that teachers don’t always think about. They go from class to class and forget to eat and drink during the day. Having a water bottle in front of them will be good for their health and remind them to stay hydrated.
  10. A good book. Endless grading and research go into teaching lesson plans every day. Teachers can always use a break from reality. So, why not give them a good book to read on the weekends? They will appreciate the thought that went into buying something a little more personal.

Monday, August 15, 2016

How to Get Your Kids Ready for the School Year

How to Get Your Kids.jpg
Now that the summer is nearing its end, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming school year. It may seem early for some families to start getting ready for school, but it’s worth it to help your kids prepare and look forward to their best year yet! Before summer comes to an end, take a peek at this list on how to get your kids ready for the school year:

Shop Wisely
Getting back to school can seem like it costs a small fortune. Look around the house for items that you can reuse, such as pencils, backpacks, and calculators, and take a look in the closet with your kids before purchasing a new wardrobe. You can also host a school supply swap with other parents and shop thrift stores for excellent deals on back-to-school goods.

Set Expectations
With busy schedules and new friends, it can be easy to lose focus and fall off track. Help your child set expectations for academics, family time, and chores. Encourage healthy behaviors; help them define and prioritize the important things, and remind them of their expectations regularly. It may also help to teach them to use a planner or set up a chore chart.

Rethink Study Habits
Implementing consistent study habits will set your kids up to be future scholars. Encourage healthy reading, studying, and work habits. Encourage them to always ask questions. It can also help to set up a study nook for them with all the necessary school supplies. This can help them focus and take pride in their work, as well as provide a dependable place for them to study.

Start a Normal Sleeping Schedule
Sleep is an important part of living a healthy, happy, and energized life. If your child’s sleep schedule (or yours, for that matter) was thrown off by the summer, start sending them to bed at an appropriate time and getting them out of bed earlier at least a week before school starts. Giving them time to adjust will make the transition run much more smoothly.

Encourage Healthy Behaviors
In addition to sleep, encourage healthy behaviors for your kids. Get them in the habits of eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Make sure they get in some physical activity every day. Promote respect, open-mindedness, and healthy ways of dealing with emotions and the emotions of others.

Open the Lines of Communication
As exciting as the school year is for kids, there will always be certain challenges that your kids may face. Between bullying, learning challenges, and busy schedules, maintain open and honest lines of communication. Remind them that they can come to you for anything. This can encourage them and help build their confidence before they dive into the new school year.  
It’s never too early thinking about school and all the fun, educational, and exciting things your kids will get to look forward to this year! And if you are looking for more ways to prepare and celebrate the new school year, visit Gifts ’N Things for more information.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Get Back into School Spirit with Gifts ‘N Things

With summer halfway over, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming school year! Gifts ‘N Things offers plenty of items to help your kids get back in the mindset of school and encourage some school spirit.

Fall is often the busiest time of the year for families. Students, in particular, are thrown back into a full school schedule packed to the brim with sports, clubs, and extracurricular. How can you help your child feel school spirit and a sense of pride in the teams and clubs they belong to?


Gifts ‘N Things offers a variety of high-quality and personalized activewear to promote and unite school groups. You can design with school colors and mascots in mind. The versatility and ability to personalize make our active wear lines a hit with sports teams and school clubs. The affordability of Gifts ‘N Things items can also make it easier on the family budget if your child is involved in a variety of groups.

With a wide range of activewear, outerwear, and much more, you can outfit the entire team with tops, jackets, caps, and pants. And these options aren’t limited to students; our range of polos, knitwear, and customizable shirts will look excellent for teachers and parents who want to show their school pride on casual Fridays and at school events.


You can also get the whole family involved with some school spirit. Gifts ‘N Things offers a whole line of totes, cinch packs, travel bags, coolers, and more to represent your children’s team for when the whole family is on the go! Additionally, there are infant, toddler, and youth-sized active wear in t-shirts, polos, caps, activewear, and outerwear that will involve little siblings in school spirit. And with excellent sizing options in tall and ladies’ fit, there’s something to fit every body type. The whole team will look sharper than ever!

When it comes to repping the team, look no further than Gifts ‘N Things for your school spirit essentials! Take a look everything that Gifts ‘N Things has to offer to get your school year off on the right foot.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Back To Where We Came From: Moving Gifts ‘N Things to Kutztown

When Gifts ‘N Things moved to their Fleetwood warehouse from Kutztown in 2000, they never thought they would outgrow the 41,000 square foot space. However, the time has come! This summer, Gifts N’ Things will be returning to Kutztown to a new 73,000 square foot space.
“We’ve grown a lot the past couple of years and need more space. Last year we needed to rent additional warehouse space just to keep up.”, said owner Kurt Koehler.  Gifts N Things provides schools and other organizations with fundraising and holiday shop programs nationwide.
After mulling over whether or not they wanted to rent more space to keep up with the demands, Koehler said fate brought them the perfect space they needed. The owner of the building is Koehler’s daughter’s High School field hockey coach. The building had an indoor field hockey facility, gym, used furniture store, and other businesses in the space, but Koehler saw the potential for Gifts ‘N Things.

One day after watching his daughter’s field hockey game in the building, Kurt stated, “I spoke to Coach and her husband and told them I was looking for more space. They said they didn’t want to sell the building until Coach was ultimately ready to retire. The field hockey facility is on the second floor and I told them we just need the first floor of the building and that the field hockey space could stay there until they’re ready to retire.”
Keeping the field hockey space on the second floor sealed the deal and Gifts ‘N Things will begin moving into the space this summer. Koehler said, “Returning to Kutztown will be like going home because many of our employees are from that area.” Gifts ‘N Things currently has fifteen employees, and during peak season they increase staff to approximately fifty employees.
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Friday, April 22, 2016

4 Essentials To Prepare When Flying With Your Kids

4 essenti.jpg

Getting on a plane for the first time for anyone can be frightening. Kids, especially, require some preparation. It is important to explain to them what the experience will be like, and think about how you are going to occupy them during the trip.

  1. Airplane Books
Books are a great place to find worthwhile information. Since most kids love to have books read to them, go on a hunt for books with airplanes in them. This will not only get your kids familiar with airplanes but also help them to look at airplanes as a fun adventure to get from place to place. This is the perfect place to start when you know you have a flight with the kids coming up.
  1. Kid-Friendly Snacks
The right snacks can get kids through almost anything! This being said, gather up your kids’ favorite snacks. It is smart to have multiple options so you can switch, depending on the length of your flight. Plus, having something to munch on may prevent your kids from having the “plugged ear” feeling.
    3. Games and Movies
Allowing your kids to watch a movie or play a game - depending on their age - will help your kids relax and maybe even catch some sleep while flying. Try finding a new movie to catch their attention or resort to a favorite to ensure they will be interested. This is great for distracting your kids if you find out flying isn’t their favorite pastime.  
    4.  Plan Carefully
The right planning can go a long way. Whenever possible, it is very helpful to consider your kids sleeping schedules when booking flights. If you strategically choose good flight times, your kids are sure to enjoy their flying experience a whole lot more.

Remember to educate you kids on how flying works through kids books and your own experiences. When you pack the right things, flying should go smoothly. These steps will ensure you are well prepared!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hosting a Spring Break Party

Spring Break is just about here, and for many parents, that means keeping kids entertained while they are out of school. Some families go on vacation, others do special activities around their hometown, but have you ever thought about throwing a spring break party with your kids? Check out some tips below for a fun-filled day of spring break activities:
Fuel up!
Take this time to make special snack time treats for your kids. Many snack time staples like wings, cheese dips, and chips, are already kid-friendly. If you invite other tiny spring-breakers over to enjoy the party, limit time spent in the kitchen by setting out a simple taco or chili bar. Adults and kids alike will love loading delicious toppings onto a steaming bowl of chili or taco meat. Check out these links for ideas for your own chili bar or taco bar.
For more recipes that are sure to score big with both adults and kids:
Don’t forget about these sweet treats:

child-646201_640.jpgPlay some Games
Have some small games and activities ready for the kids to enjoy. A face painting station can help kids get creative. Have some bright colors and simple design ideas (like flowers, baseballs, dog/cat faces, etc.) on hand. Kids can decorate their own t-shirts using markers. If you have a large group, break the ice with a fun spring-themed photo booth. Compile some flower petal hats, funny mustaches, sports gear, and other spring-themed props for a memorable time.

With weather permitting, play a game of flag football, dodgeball, or your kids’ favorite sport to liven up the party. Challenge the kids with guessing games, like memory games or the classic “how many jellybeans are in the jar” game. For older kids, make an elaborate scavenger hunt filled with different items and clues to keep them occupied all afternoon.

For more game and activity ideas and printables, check out:
kids-783520_1280.jpgSpringtime D├ęcor
For a big event at home, you don’t have to buy elaborate decorations. With a visit to your local hardware shop and some time spent crafting with kids, you’ll have a wonderfully spirited and decorated house.

With construction paper and paint, kids can help create and decorate spring themed banners, placemats, nametags and more. They can also help decorate by taping up paper designs, hanging up streamers and paper chains, and decorating table tops with confetti. You can find green turf at most hardware shops, and decorate your buffet table like fresh spring grass. Use confetti to add flowers, ladybugs, butterflies, and more to have a festive, springtime table.
The last thing you want for your kids during their spring break is to see them planted on the couch with an electronic device attached to their hands. The added duties spring break brings can be stressful for parents, but with mounting activities, homework, and other school stress, your kids - as well as yourself - deserve a break. Give your kids a productive and fun break this year with a spring break themed party - it just might become a yearly tradition!