Friday, April 7, 2017

The Most Colorful Fundraiser Around: Color-a-Thon!

The best active fundraiser you didn’t know existed combines health, getting outside, raising money for your school, heaps of fun for kids, and blasts of color! The Color-a-thon is an organized 3k-5k run for kids. Students collect pledges from family, friends, and neighbors to run or walk in the 3k-5k fun run.


We’ve seen great results—and tons of fun photos—come out of Color-a-thon fundraising races at elementary and middle schools around the country. These high-energy events are a growing trend for school fundraisers, and it’s easy to see why they work.

To make this fundraiser even easier, we provide you with the tools you’ll need to make this event a huge success. With your package, we will provide t-shirts and color packs for all who participate, flags and route markers for the run itself, the option to purchase items to sell at the event, Money Management Software for accepting credit cards and running reports, and more. To begin planning your Spring Color-a-thon for this school year, visit us at

Color-a-thons are perfect for:

  • Elementary schools’ spring or fall fundraisers
  • Middle schools’ spring or fall fundraisers
  • Fundraisers for churches, camp, high school marching band, clubs, or sports teams—whether in spring, summer or fall!

There are two ways to pump up the color and the profits:

1.     Donation-based Upgrades and Rewards
Students can earn extra rewards and race-day upgrades based on the number of donations they’ve received. For example, a student could receive a t-shirt and color pack and participate for as little as $30 in donations, or, for over $500, they could get a full packet of goodies for the race, like wacky tutus, rainbow stockings, megaphones, wiper glasses, white wigs, and extra color dye packs!

2.     Standard Perks with Entry Fee
This option allows for a flat entry fee to offer the same accessories for everyone. Everyone who enters will receive a white t-shirt and color dye pack. We’ll also send you extra bulk color according to your number of registrants. Encourage students to wear colorful socks, tutus, wigs, or funky hair on their own to complete the celebration, or fun items can be sold at the event for added profit!

According to, “running can offer something to kids—especially kids who aren’t athletically inclined or who are overweight—that a lot of other sports can’t—the chance to be physically active at their own pace.” So let’s get these kids moving and enjoying the outdoors while raising serious funds for our schools and organizations! Visit for more.