Friday, April 22, 2016

4 Essentials To Prepare When Flying With Your Kids

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Getting on a plane for the first time for anyone can be frightening. Kids, especially, require some preparation. It is important to explain to them what the experience will be like, and think about how you are going to occupy them during the trip.

  1. Airplane Books
Books are a great place to find worthwhile information. Since most kids love to have books read to them, go on a hunt for books with airplanes in them. This will not only get your kids familiar with airplanes but also help them to look at airplanes as a fun adventure to get from place to place. This is the perfect place to start when you know you have a flight with the kids coming up.
  1. Kid-Friendly Snacks
The right snacks can get kids through almost anything! This being said, gather up your kids’ favorite snacks. It is smart to have multiple options so you can switch, depending on the length of your flight. Plus, having something to munch on may prevent your kids from having the “plugged ear” feeling.
    3. Games and Movies
Allowing your kids to watch a movie or play a game - depending on their age - will help your kids relax and maybe even catch some sleep while flying. Try finding a new movie to catch their attention or resort to a favorite to ensure they will be interested. This is great for distracting your kids if you find out flying isn’t their favorite pastime.  
    4.  Plan Carefully
The right planning can go a long way. Whenever possible, it is very helpful to consider your kids sleeping schedules when booking flights. If you strategically choose good flight times, your kids are sure to enjoy their flying experience a whole lot more.

Remember to educate you kids on how flying works through kids books and your own experiences. When you pack the right things, flying should go smoothly. These steps will ensure you are well prepared!