Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hosting a Spring Break Party

Spring Break is just about here, and for many parents, that means keeping kids entertained while they are out of school. Some families go on vacation, others do special activities around their hometown, but have you ever thought about throwing a spring break party with your kids? Check out some tips below for a fun-filled day of spring break activities:
Fuel up!
Take this time to make special snack time treats for your kids. Many snack time staples like wings, cheese dips, and chips, are already kid-friendly. If you invite other tiny spring-breakers over to enjoy the party, limit time spent in the kitchen by setting out a simple taco or chili bar. Adults and kids alike will love loading delicious toppings onto a steaming bowl of chili or taco meat. Check out these links for ideas for your own chili bar or taco bar.
For more recipes that are sure to score big with both adults and kids:
Don’t forget about these sweet treats:

child-646201_640.jpgPlay some Games
Have some small games and activities ready for the kids to enjoy. A face painting station can help kids get creative. Have some bright colors and simple design ideas (like flowers, baseballs, dog/cat faces, etc.) on hand. Kids can decorate their own t-shirts using markers. If you have a large group, break the ice with a fun spring-themed photo booth. Compile some flower petal hats, funny mustaches, sports gear, and other spring-themed props for a memorable time.

With weather permitting, play a game of flag football, dodgeball, or your kids’ favorite sport to liven up the party. Challenge the kids with guessing games, like memory games or the classic “how many jellybeans are in the jar” game. For older kids, make an elaborate scavenger hunt filled with different items and clues to keep them occupied all afternoon.

For more game and activity ideas and printables, check out:
kids-783520_1280.jpgSpringtime D├ęcor
For a big event at home, you don’t have to buy elaborate decorations. With a visit to your local hardware shop and some time spent crafting with kids, you’ll have a wonderfully spirited and decorated house.

With construction paper and paint, kids can help create and decorate spring themed banners, placemats, nametags and more. They can also help decorate by taping up paper designs, hanging up streamers and paper chains, and decorating table tops with confetti. You can find green turf at most hardware shops, and decorate your buffet table like fresh spring grass. Use confetti to add flowers, ladybugs, butterflies, and more to have a festive, springtime table.
The last thing you want for your kids during their spring break is to see them planted on the couch with an electronic device attached to their hands. The added duties spring break brings can be stressful for parents, but with mounting activities, homework, and other school stress, your kids - as well as yourself - deserve a break. Give your kids a productive and fun break this year with a spring break themed party - it just might become a yearly tradition!