Thursday, June 30, 2016

Back To Where We Came From: Moving Gifts ‘N Things to Kutztown

When Gifts ‘N Things moved to their Fleetwood warehouse from Kutztown in 2000, they never thought they would outgrow the 41,000 square foot space. However, the time has come! This summer, Gifts N’ Things will be returning to Kutztown to a new 73,000 square foot space.
“We’ve grown a lot the past couple of years and need more space. Last year we needed to rent additional warehouse space just to keep up.”, said owner Kurt Koehler.  Gifts N Things provides schools and other organizations with fundraising and holiday shop programs nationwide.
After mulling over whether or not they wanted to rent more space to keep up with the demands, Koehler said fate brought them the perfect space they needed. The owner of the building is Koehler’s daughter’s High School field hockey coach. The building had an indoor field hockey facility, gym, used furniture store, and other businesses in the space, but Koehler saw the potential for Gifts ‘N Things.

One day after watching his daughter’s field hockey game in the building, Kurt stated, “I spoke to Coach and her husband and told them I was looking for more space. They said they didn’t want to sell the building until Coach was ultimately ready to retire. The field hockey facility is on the second floor and I told them we just need the first floor of the building and that the field hockey space could stay there until they’re ready to retire.”
Keeping the field hockey space on the second floor sealed the deal and Gifts ‘N Things will begin moving into the space this summer. Koehler said, “Returning to Kutztown will be like going home because many of our employees are from that area.” Gifts ‘N Things currently has fifteen employees, and during peak season they increase staff to approximately fifty employees.
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